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Jimmy Pitts



Jimmy Pitts has performed a diverse array of music, ranging from the frenetic metal and technicality of Scholomance, SpasticInk, and Equipoise, to Jazz, Classical, Rock, World music, & the avantgarde. As a keyboardist and pianist, the primary goal Jimmy has is to explore the widest variety of genres possible, and experiment with combining those varied influences in interesting and moving ways. Having played on over 40 albums, many of them as a guest soloist or collaborative partner, Jimmy finds his primary home as a composer in The Fractured Dimension and Pitts Minnemann Project, and counts Eternity’s End, the power metal super group headed by Christian Muenzner, as his main band.

In addition to all of the studio commitments, Jimmy Pitts has performed live at the Detroit Jazz Fest with the late Mikhal Caldwell, as a member of VitalijKuprij’s band, at metal fests in Minneapolis and Iowa, and in many regional acts in his home state of Missouri. He has also warmed up for such acts as King’s X, Mike Stern, Marbin, Eric Sardinas, and many more.

There are immediate plans for more live performances, as well as new albums in the works from Eynomia, The Fractured Dimension, and multiple upcomingguest appearances with jazz fusion projects.