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NYN – Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt (2017)

Artist: NYN
Title: Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt
Type: Album
Genre: Progressive Metal / Technical Death Metal
Release Date: August 11, 2017
Catalog: VMB0010


01. The Mind Inverted [0:53]
02. The Apory of Existence [7:26]
03. Omnipotence Paradox [7:42]
04. Dissimulating Apologia [5:48]
05. Rebirth: Rebuild, Advance, Redo [6:20]
06. Embrace Entropy [5:37]
07. The Hallway [3:29]
08. Maelstrom [14:31]
09. Taken Away By The Tides [9:00]

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“Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt is one of the most unique and challenging technical death metal albums I’ve heard in a long time. This album is the result of musicians with a strong vision who have the rare ability to bring that to life in a way few can.”


“All in all, this record is a new standard for extreme and progressive metal and a good example of diverse arrangements and styles within the context of metal.”


“Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is utter madness in the best possible way. From beginning to end you are presented with some of the best, mind altering progressive/technical death metal out there.”