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Fountainhead – Reverse Engineering (2016)

Artist: Fountainhead
Title: Reverse Engineering
Type: Album
Genre: Progressive Metal / Avant-garde Metal / Jazz Fusion
Release Date: August 5, 2016
Catalog: VMB0003


01. 999 [7:32]
02. Ascension [4:31]
03. A Perfect Union Pt.1 [7:18]
04. A Perfect Union Pt.2 [3:19]
05. Reverse Engineering Pt.1 [4:58]
06. Reverse Engineering Pt.2 [2:19]
07. 999 (Vocal) [5:37]
08. A Perfect Union (Vocal) [7:39]
09. Model Man (King Crimson Cover) [4:20]

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“Fountainhead’s Reverse Engineering contains some of the best work of his career, as he incorporates metal, classical music, traditional Indian music, drum & bass, jazz and much more in a manner that is unique, surprising and engaging from start to, well, almost finish.”

— heavyblogisheavy

“Geldschläger shows all his skills as a guitar player and songwriter — because Reverse Engineering is not about soulless fretboard masturbation but offers exciting and diverse song ideas.”


“Everything about this album is gold. Fountainhead has created a masterpiece with this record. Honestly, there isn’t much or anything to miss on this record. ‘Reverse Engineering’ is an amazing experience.”