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Mad Essence – Rehumanization (2016)

Artist: Mad Essence
Title: Rehumanization
Type: Album
Genre: Electronicore / Progressive Metal / Djent
Release Date: January 7, 2016
Catalog: VMB0002


01. Something Goes Right [4:20]
02. Rehumanization [4:26]
03. Kleptocracy [4:18]
04. Our Side, Their Side [3:47]
05. Skyscrapers [4:20]
06. Liberator [4:11]
07. Poison Free (War Without Firing a Shot) [4:14]
08. Reunion [3:30]
09. Techgnosis [4:01]
10. Not the Best Time for Retreat [4:34]

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“Mad Essence have finally fulfilled their vision and spread their message with Rehumanization, which sounds like a modern take on nu-metal with djent and electronic elements. A pretty good and varied album loaded with memorable melodies and dancy rhythms.”

— canthisevenbecalledmusic

“The music paints a variable soundscape, so to speak. The electronic & guitar melodies are captivating, alongside the vocals, reminiscent of so many bands from so many different genres. This is a great buy for a truly memorable polyphonic experience!”

— fathead dog